Unicorns and Dragons

I’m so fucking high tonight.

Flying on clouds of lust, sex, cum, and bodies panting so hard we knock pictures off the wall.

Love of the moon waning against my skin as satellites glint and disappear overhead. We call unknown flares in the sky shooting stars. We call teeth and nails against our skin, love. Gazing into the future and the past at the same time. Stars in the vastness of reality ten miles up, we can guess will burn out over time. Ah, but doce, we see them for now.

Candles flare and we’re naked here. I come and I ask you, minds pressed together, to come for me. We shiver and shake and press against each other in the candeless dark tonight. I toss and turn because my bones press against the ground and my nerves tingle like fuzzy buzzing green blankets clogging drier vents. Just trash cans full of this crazy shit.

I stir and turn, but did I sleep? Snatches here and there, oh sure. And over time, the light compared to darkness changes shape. A hint of dawn and I am on the edge of morning, now. Memories collect and condense on my skin, my nerves sensing pressure of your body all night long.

The whir of an electric coffee grinder makes me wake, think, want to show you my personal treasures too. Years of attempts I’ve been making to be better, better, better. I struggle pretty hard, harsh, rough and wild. Like an animal. Onagi vida. Drowning or swimming in the passion of others, same as me.

Words like outlier, magician, wheels and rocks and reality. We lay out on docks and listen to the non-existent frogs. Out on the water and wait, wait, wait…

But I’m tired of waiting, so come into my arms. My hips. Make motion, rhythm, rhymes with your body and mine. Like poetry spinning threads that will intertwine around my heart like a spider’s web.

Words like codes and programming that access hurt in me made overtime. Compliments that are the breeze blowing in through an open window on a late summer’s morn.

We rise and fall like rhythms in a set, notes in a song, melody and harmony — and I’m drawn to you.
Is it good? Is it safe?

I’m trusting that it is right now.
Ask me again if I care what the future brings.
We already know its death and tolls and time folding in on itself again.
Entropy fights chaos and we are imaginal threads.

Come, sit, spin with me.

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