Silences, long and hard earned.

I have written much, but none of it was on these pages virtual and insubstantial.

Why, you ask?

Because I have been working on two novel series, two novellas, short stories to fill an ocean with. Or, at least a semi-broken heart. One that risks too much and is oft left by the wayside of what other people want. It takes all the time in the universe because it leaks. Slow but steadily enough that if I don’t constantly fill it up — I’ll be dry and dead before I know it, cracking and crumbling into the wind.

And yet, it felt time to return.

Like a comet returning along its path, I do eventually cycle back around. Nothing is abandoned forever.

So, perhaps I will have more to share next time. For now, suffice it to say that I am deep in speculative fiction and wading through the mires of being a writing pre-professional. I hope that means one day I will be pro. The two, however, are not inherantly linked. And I have much work to do.

Writing, research, and otherwise.

I am busy all the time. Crafting, creating, spinning and weaving.

Trying my best.

Off into another sunset…