Un(en)titled progress

The cover design is being set. I will give you all a sneak peak once I and the cover artist have come to some settled decisions. For now, I’ve seen the design and I’m sitting on it for a few days.

Pushing forward, about to jump into the publishing/printing deep end and reapproach my options. Onward, what!

Starfighter support.

I have to pause from the usual routine today to give props to one of my favorite graphic artists out there — HamletMachine.

If you have never read Starfigher Comic, you should. Right now. Be warned that it is definitely NSFW in a deliciously beautiful way.

The reason I am bringing this to your attention is because HM has just put a kickstarter out for a visual novel project of Starfighter. As a small awesome artist, HM definitely deserves support for this project. Also, it is going to be awesome.

I can hardly contain myself.

Go check it out: Starfighter Eclipse
Please support it if you can.

Progress to the (just past) full moon

Withstanding the final read-aloud to make sure the whole thing tracks, Un(en)titled is completed in draft. Final edits, final readers feedback, and copy-editing is about where we are. Oh, and cover/internal art is still in the air. But, it approaches printing at a nearly break-neck pace.

Toshidoshi has been both titled and almost entirely plotted. A few tweaks within sections and the ultimate “where does the story start” question. Well under way on novel four.

Crazy Sad has passed judgement, verdict — not guilty of tropey useless narrative. Onward and forward and so on. In other words, this is in last and final incarnation.

From Neil Gaiman, in a dream

“I think…that I would rather recollect a life mis-spent on fragile things than spent avoiding moral debt.”

A brief moment of inspiration spent away from the worlds of future avoidances, morals all askew and debts unpayable to banks that hold captive the souls of combusted stardust.

In news, Un(en)titled in the final stages.
It’s a Disaster has had a break-through and twenty thousand words later, we are finally what I could call “under way”.
Crazy Sad has been initially tossed to the jury. Verdict as yet unsure.

All these fagile things, I collect and scatter, align and redistribute, in the aim of what?
Mostly, to have known at the given moment that last moment, I was alive.

Tail end of Un(en)titled

I’ve been writing so much in other avenues, that I feel I have somewhat neglected this space. It becomes difficult to sustain a constant flow in so many different riverbeds. I suppose though that the occassional one drying up from time to time is only natural. After all, not all rivers run all year round.

So it goes, as the late Vonnegut would have said. So it goes.

I have decided to keep people up to speed on my fiction writing, because it is becoming such an uncontrolable moster. This label: “updates” will be purely for that. Updates.
Shocking, I know.

I am at the point of almost having a new novel to print. Just going through the final steps and waiting on others, at this point. A final breeze-through should only take me about a month. Cover design has been edging its way into conversations.

I am beginning to feel that static-electric feeling of having rubbed my feet across the carpet, round and round in circles, just building up for a monumental shock. If I keep rubbing my soles against the carpet, I’m going to scrape them raw.

Soon, the hollow ache of having let another child go into the ether, another soul released that I can never get back.

A hole and a void for others, always, to fill in quick like a flashflood.
A constant vascilation between flooded-out and dry as baked bone.

Oh my muse. Why are you so cruel?