In the Interim

I had a moment this morning when I wished I’d had my camera on me. It was the early hours of morning along the Lanikai beach. I’d ridden my new bike up the short hill, tossed it on the side of the road, and clamored down the grass and rock path to see the sun, golden arms reaching out from behind a puffy grey and white cloud. The sky was powder pink and beautifully pastel blue. The distant periwinkle morning sky flickered through passing clouds, almost flickering like stars. I thought, more than once, I glimpsed the moon.

The pumice and frozen up lava flow millions of years old were painted black from the slapping, laughing ripples of the sea. In the heavy humid air, I felt both drenched and strangely dry. Sticky salty tang of the sea lapped at my lips and teeth, reminding me of the taste of fish grilled on an iron pan over open fire. The gentle slope down into the beach parking lot has no cars. I lean the bike, again. This time, against a tree where I finish the stretches of the morning.

I have been neglecting this part of me. The wanderer, mostly. The one whose eyes are like camera lenses. The one who set photography aside to be a gatherer of images expressed in words. A thousand words, every picture I want to snap.

This morning, in the island air, I am reminded where I belong and who I, at my core, am.
The reminder felt like sun on my back, warming not burning me.
It was good.

I pedaled home and wrote 1k+ words immediately.

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