The clouds outside are moving, light pale white-blue behind dark grey. I woke thinking accidentally of you and changed gears pretty quick into the real. Amazing how some things change.

My love is in the Indiana desert of things. I wait. Not patiently, mind you. Why should I be patient to fall into you?

All I think bout these days is gravity. Falling and forever being pushed away. Locked in an ongoing interstellar embrace.

A sentence in the language of light strikes my mind, and I know what you are made up of. And I know by the feel of the force between us what charge you carry. And I know by the amount we are drawn in what our collective gravity is.

Are we a binary pulsar system? Do we give off waves until one of us goes supernova?

God, I hope so.

Light my house on fire? No, set the universe inside of me in motion.
We are spinning and, when we rise, we are fighting against gravity. But in the end, we will be bowed down.

Because gravity is god. And obey we must ❤
The choice to yield is simply not ours.
But let’s say this: come, hold my hand. Let’s follow the laws of physics together.