A Final Farewell

​It seems like the time to end this blog.

Many things are colliding. Land is sliding. I am approaching something, and so is the world. I hear echoes everywhere.

For America’s part tonight: I am worried.

 Less for a country that has been under the strings of greater puppeteers for years. Less about what coming to terms and stakes with the actual functioning corportacracy of the Unites States.

And more with the bitterness and anger that seems to be steeped into not just Trump supporters or Hillary supporters. But across the board. Indeed, in this one area we seem willing to cross party lines and ignore everything. For this one emotion:

Hatred. Bitter, angry hatred.

The nastiness so many people are reacting to the election with is exactly the mindset that brought Trump’s bullying tactics to win. A tooth for a tooth may leave the people of this country and world unable to ever chew again. If we escalate the worst fight ever, we all literally end up dead. 

An eye for and eye, friends, and we all go blind. 

Empathy and trust may be the most painful way through, yes. But I believe it is the only route that lies open now. Our most dangerous enemy may just be the one we refuse to love. The beast births inside first and we, burning, will ignite the whole goddamn world. 

As a speculative fiction writer with other speculative fiction author friends, trust me. We’ve come at this from every angle we can possibly think of. And what stands is this: 

the post- of the apocalypse we are pushing forward with our burning hearts and goaded, goading emotions will be the coming to fruition of our worst nightmares. And our children’s children’s world will not care what we thought about when we fought. When we lit pyres and spires and burned down every last safe place left. Because in the fire of our hatred for one another, we will have destroyed everything. Only the future can pay a price so steep.
We are igniting the future generations of everything, even as we fling petty snarks on facebook, twitter, around someone’s dinner table or what have you.

Unpopular as this thought will be in the coming years, I still hold to it. 

Empathy is the solution to the fucked human experiment. It is all that will get us through.

So go out and love on someone tonight. Someone you think different from. Maybe even someone you’re afraid of. Someone who looks like just the person you’d rather punch in the face.

Or don’t.

I just think it might help.

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