Things I’ve Meant to Write

Notes from [This is that.]

The crackling sensation in my chest is like singing hoarsely.

Cheating during unwinnable games is underestimated.
As in, we have no idea how easy it’d be.[but]
Losing pieces of yourself is not freedom for the people.
The book & the life are slipping your mind, my friend.

Breaking the spell is compelling–
in the way magnetic charges are.
Circles of geometric evolution
are corrupt[?]
But, not so bad.

Breathing in is peacefully expressing:
The brightest colors are
instinctively guiding us
To be alive.

Bright eyes, full of art
are ringing in my ears.

The way I conduct business is drunk and possibly high.

“Making cheese can be real swanky.”
“The food we left out; the problems with eating it are never winning strategies.””Cheap pints are a bunch of selfish shellfish.”
“The drug commonly referred to as [Oxen Train] is not nearly fancy enough.”
“Doing drugs with carnies can be surprisingly…stinky at times.”
“I drank that because you are, like, soooo cool!”

The reason for this fuckery is nostalgic,
like music from your childhood.

[It is poppy and means nothing?]

The culture war was…
easy, peasy, lemon-squeezy.

Riding a skateboard in the rain is
Yesterday’s miracle.
Driving to the matinee is increasingly tangled
& complicated; getting lost
On the way to the mini-mall
[is] unexpectedly magical.

The fluorescent lighting is the best idea
I’ve ever had.
The loudness of the city
is known as a compliment in some places.

That sign in the hallway was a rough start:
{Every other story is the beat of my heart
and the sparkle in my eyes.

Your shit is going to
leave a sour, ate-too-much-sugar
taste in my mouth.

The way you held my hand,
And then insulted me
was the worst joke.
The last words I heard
were a half-respectable idea.
“All of this ice is like a slow burn to nothing.”

The best form of flattery is ugly
like a brutal fight you didn’t expect
to become life and death.
“My viewpoint on your indie novel?
Could be robots taking over.”

This dance is probably not
the worst image I could have come up with.
My brokenness is not even.
Your [new] lover is mildly irritating.

My hope for our future
Is not as bad as you think.

He/she as a stand-in for gender neutrality
was the worst Xmas present.
This sea-change in society
wil be Televised!

The march of time can’t be helped.
I’m sorry.

(Or am I?)

My whole heart wasn’t so bad.
Please stop crying.
(It’s embarrassing)



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