Quiet Pondering

Lazy day, but I’m making plans. And searching across foam-crested waves and channels for my people.

I learned, today, why the mountains are lonely here. Crumbling and soaking in an ever-changing mist, they are forbidden. We respect the gods by not treading that delicate ground but for the hunt on which we survive.

Or once did.

But respect was bred strong and still breeds. Breathes. And as I approach the edge of a mountain littered with dead, rotting technology from a war that was not their’s and crumpled Styrofoam trash from a way of life that does not belong here — I can only step backward away and say–

“Lam’nasai. Lam’nasai. I mean you no offense,” stepping ever backward and retracing my steps all the way to another land. “I go now.”

New year, new land. New language and a new way.

There, across a stretch of ocean I have never gone, I will find myself bowing more than taking lead. Waiting more than grabbing reigns. Boldness in a different form. The lone sparrow watchful in a way that protects its own.

At the moment, my only “own” is this heart I have and this body that houses it. I will do what I can.


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