Rainbows are unimpressive?

Humans have this problem that we think because something is common, that means it is unremarkable. Rainbows in Hawaii. The bay in Bellingham. The snow on Shasta. The giving of a companion.

We go around acting like we need a new high, a new thrill, a new awesome experience to seize our senses. We pretend like we naturally go numb to these things. But the truth is we become selfish and selfishness creates laziness and in that mood our tepid attitudes take root.

We become disjointed wheels rattling along on the road, complaining that someone else ought to fix things up. We fail to see it’s our own axle that’s fucked. Then, we blame the stones when we fall apart.

Adaptation doesn’t mean disengagement. It is a celebration of our ability to live functionally within our environment.

I celebrate adaptation and awe, together.


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