Seashore jingles sitting homework down

I was down.
No, no not “down + out”.
Down like the ground.
Sitting in a squat,
squashing cold hands
Washed by cold sea water
wishing rather than this shell
to be a seal,
sea otter
Anything’d be better.

Damn it,
to get me up
off this rotten sea shore.
Like if I got away,
I’d see more.
Open my eyes like a text book.
Start over.
Like making a life’s
just overdue homework.

Yeah. That’s got a ring.
A ting, ting, ting.
It reminds me to think,
to count everything.
Jingles like bells
against my brain.
Saying: “Hey!”
“What you waiting for?”

Sitting looking longing
like life’s just gonna wash ashore.
Pick up washed up pieces.
Sea glass, someone else’s trash.
Make jewelery to sell it back.
And suddenly you’re satisifed?
Yeah. That’s right.


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