Other invisible beer later damanged

You were on the other side
across a table,
an ocean,
a dream or a meaning of one.

I was invisible
barely there.
A vapor.

You had two glasses.
Said one was for water —
one for later.
Said, “Get a bear.
We’ll be here a while.”

“No, thanks,” was another answer.
One I didn’t say.
Never do.
Not to you.

We drink to laugh out loud.
Now we’re fighting.
riding another high.
like a highway w/no lights.
Middle of a moonless night.

I’ve got no compass.
You’ve got no plans.
We’ll get damaged,
ripped up,
ruined in the crash.

You get another beer.
We clash.
I’m getting up, saying something
you don’t hear.

Not here.
Maybe later
if the high gravity
gives some weight to the water,
the weightless world we built
like dreams of…

It was good for some things.
Like fights, late at night.
And beers, bottles of it,
just disappeared.
The drug, invisible.

Not the effects.
What affected us.
Dragged us down
under water
struggle for air
struggle to get clear
to turn invisible.


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