If not for these…

Canto yokai rustle, unseen, in tall brush and forests. They exude illusions like twisted antlers or cut-off heads from trunks of bodies. Their eyes peer through full moons and satellites as they catch light, flare, and disappear against the black sky.

Those signs, among many, are how you know they are there. Little tricks that make you think again. Twisting dust tornadoes made of leaves. Deer with long antlers that come toward you and gaze at you, then disappear behind the branches of a weeping willow tree.

You don’t know why but they keep the pain at bay.
You don’t know how but they protect you when you are most alone.

Sleeping alone or lonely feel about the same. If neither is what you want, then test your mettle, magician — and head out into the world. You can always find what you are looking for if you know how to seek.

You’ve always been a seeker, a hunter, a night flier.
Don’t stop now because the weather’s gotten a little rough and a little cold.

The difference between the tower and the star?
Where you are looking, that’s all. It’s a matter of perspective. Upheaval or healing depend on where you are putting your eyes — not your feet. The ground may still shake and structures still break, but if you look out at all reality, you can see a better sight. A way to a home you didn’t even know you had. Signposts to lights you didn’t even know you needed. Guides to places you never even dreamed.


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