Metaphorical imagery of things I needed to know before now

Satellites drifting overhead. Pieces of things falling and burning in the atmosphere. I see it bright blue, impossible to avoid.

Signs of the fall coming?

Recall this fact: the night sky is not the exception but reality. Black void expanding vacuum between burning, gaseous, condensing energy. Vibrations echoing for centuries. Distance measured in the length we must go back in time to find it. Not far away, but ago.

Reflective blue-white is only our privilege of being earth-live. A creature of a system our collective insanity is tearing down. Perhaps, we tear at reality because the systems seem impossible to ruin. So we wager everything and close our eyes and take a shot into the light.

Did we hit anything?

You hit me in the stomach with my mistakes.
I didn’t load blanks.
I didn’t even think you’d take aim.

I’m the one to blame.

Should have come prepared, knowing the disjointedness we all come from. Should have accounted for that violence, should it rise, come bubbling to the surface. Should have definitely had a secret plan this time around.

But I get gutted all the time for my acceptance. Expectation of genuineness. Hope for honesty. I forget people all lie and hide so easily, eagerly, happily.

Like if we get away with it, it’s fun, funny, we’re feeling good.
Fool I am to think someone else also wants more. Fool I am to think anyone else would sit here under a tree and contemplate reality openly. Fool I am for thinking anyone agrees.

“I never thought I would be bleeding emotions I needed to feel.”

Same here.

Easy solution? Stop straying from what you know you need. Lie down. Breathe. Take a dose of Lithium. You’ll feel better soon.

And if you don’t, the storm is coming anyway.
Brace yourself.


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