Entering the dark

Seattle, Washington : Sunset = 21.12

Summer Solstice has always carried with it a sense of gloom, of warning perhaps, of dread. The deep mauve and orange sky as it stretches across white crested mountains tops and the jagged tips of darkening trees paints a picture of the looming night. As if on the back of the longest day, the longest night sits perched and waiting. A chill wind will blow and kick up clouds on the horizon that won’t bring rain, but will bring the desire of it. The longing for solitude, perhaps, in the celebration of the coming harvest. A sense that death will resume in the moments of brightest life.

Like a charcoal stained pit with the fire still raging. A hint that this heat won’t last. Don’t get too acustom to the warmth or the day or the long hours spent lazy in a dreamy haze. The echoes of tomorw are in the air and the dimness of worry and fear are here. Monsters on haunches waiting for the light to pass.

And in fourteen days, the earth passes furthest from the sun. Another hint of what’s to come. Another warning: don’t forget that life is a wheel and we are ever spinning.

Anyway, happy summer.


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