Just sayin’

Trusting someone you don’t know is like staring into the abyss.
Casual sex is pretty fucked up.

1)”Cooking with semen is no big deal.”
2) “The tools in the rusted shed are boy scouts.”
3) “Helen Keller is hard to justify now…”
4) “Astrophysics is mutable” (Bicycle rading is blind. Hang gliding is disastrous)
5) “The poison is treadless.”
6) “Playing board games is anything…”
7) “Love is sublime.”

Trampoline jumping is full of shennanigans!
Natural child birth is… partly cloudy.
Children aren’t soul fulfilling:

Santa’s workshop is staring you in the face.
Soap bubbles are full of family fun.
Mr. Potato Head is finally awake!
Strength is full of butterflies and rainbows…

Conservative talk radio is not unique.
Being apologetic is the best thing ever…

Mom’s secret recipe is not working for you.
Hand knit hats are going out today.
The steeping tea is hopeless.
Creepy staircases are hard to put up with.

The whisper pathway is driving us collectively insane,
I swear.
Childhood is mostly broken.

The broken mirror is hard to imagine.
Powdered alcohol is serendipitous.
The way out of here is worth its weight in gold.

The time I’ve spent is not what you actually wanted.
The last word in a bad fight is now what you think it is.
Silence is gone


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