A: Here. Take my hand. Run.

B: Run? As in Re-run?

A: No. As in legs pumping faster than a casual stroll. Heart hammering against your ribs. Sweat in your eyes. Arms swinging to a steady rhythm. Body leaned gracefully forward.

B: Oh. I’d rather rewind myself and start again.

A: We can’t do that.

C: Yes, we can.

A: Shit. It’s too late.

B: What do you mean?

C: Come with me.

B: Do I have to run?

C: No.

A: But you should.

C: Don’t listen to that. It’s an alarm bot. I’m your friend.

A: I don’t know about hat.

B: I think I’ll trust you. Looks like a bot. Let’s go.

B goes with C to a van. B gets in. The van is marked “HOLDING + INTERROGATIONS. K-9 ON DUTY”

C: Comfy?

B: No, umm, the door’s locked?

C: Observant aren’t you. Sit tight. I’m taking you in for questioning.

B: What?! Why?

C: Being in the vicinity. This is a high security area. Sit tight.

B: Shit.

A: That’s always how it goes. Try to warn them and they fall for it every time.

C: Ok k-9-bot. A job well done. Power down.

A: Powering down.

C: Off to the office!

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