On how to avoid haunting places

The danger of calling, installing, collecting, and recollecting ghosts is a frequent one in an isolated and piecemeal society such as the one we’ve been running. These ghosts, once established, are hard-pressed to be banished or abandoned, exorcised or forgotten. So, I offer in the stead of trying to vanquish such ghouls and nasty ghastly haunts – a temporal situational solution.

When one comes upon distress, don’t bow or bend to stressors. Don’t lay down at the gates of oppressors and assume the worst is yet to come. But instead, pro-actively create a new route around wounds and sores, around pains and stakes too high to break even with. Momentarily sidle by these lulls in your gravitational pull.

Create new avenues to escape the old. Pattern new modal melodies that end you up in the same places, but by different roads and alternate means. Alternate reality.

A house, for example, may become haunted in your mind when the subject within has caused a complicated situation to unfurl about you. Don’t curl your toes and try to avoid looks while you stride loftily by. Oh no. Go around to another house, another route, another path. Don’t become hung up over either high or low road – but simply take a different one.

Practice parkour if you cannot trace an angular line along the roads paved and the ways devised for you. Jump a fence if you must. Crawl a catwalk. Light a match and blaze a trail. Scavenge a torch and find your way through underbrush and into hovels and thickets and clearings unseen.

But aim your compass always north so you don’t get lost along the way. For the destinations here aren’t the complications and if we devise new ways to let the blood and loose the pressure from our complex endeavors, we’ll find that ghosts need not collect in vents and lint traps, in hampers and hangers-on, around corners and where the ice is getting too thin for you to skate by safely on your way.


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