Just for today, a message.

You are in an era of the moon, of tricks and trips, of tests and wits. Can you keep your footing and not slip? Can you enter into this half-lit world of shadows and find both peace and amazement? Or will you become teased and tortured, picked apart by faes and fantasies that you have no grounds to comprehend? Will you be splintered by the things you never imagined could exist?

This is the platform on which we must understand.

Today is a day of encountering an emotional and spiritual foundation. You will find a serence and peaceful supporter. Someone who is on your side and is willing to give the support you need. Compassion and protection from the world’s harshness can be found easily abundant today. The light glows and reflects around a calm center. If you allow yourself to drink from that cup, you should be fine.

Perhaps, a hiatus in an emotional and spirtiual safespace will help you in keeping those wits about which you — in these times — need so desperately.


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