My dream is a decadent chantrelle soup

Eating an entire bag
of strawberry flavored marshmallows
is ergonomically deficeint.

Going to a circuis starring horses
is a felony.
Pop music is loud.

Finding a new housemate is a fable —
A bottle of wine
is really irritating.
after that mistake,
is cranky.

“Social degredation is my heart’s desire”
Your thought is a rapid death.

Childhood is a nightmare
not worth recalling.
Traveling is rotten,
as in poorly preserved.

Cultural appropriation is like
touching wet bubble gum
underneath a table.
Our heroic protagonist is

The last word is destructive.

Cancer is hopeless.
An unexpected let down
(…is rather smelly)
Great-grandma is hard to see.

The barren tree is a crooked fellow.
A heart attack is awfully likeable.
Fire is strictly inexcuseable.
A flood is verbose.
The ripple in the lake, approaching the shore,
is unreliable
at best.

A revolving door is ridiculous.
is behind the second door.
Closing the door is
like a yowling cat sitting on your face.

Carolyn is the secret ingredient.
The soup is what I embody.

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