You slip and slide between my fingers, disappearing into space my three-dimensional and linear-timed mind cannot comprhened. I lose you and miss you, every time.

The fall from orbit back to Earth is insecapable, and so I’ll burn up until I no longer exist but in carbon forms and particulate.

If from those ashes, anything arises — perhaps it was the magician you set alight, all along.
But, the pull of the sun and moon in this semi-eliptical orbit is growing on me.

Full light to new moonless sky. We danced a dance together, you and I.

I was never, ever ready or willing to let you go. So love became confined in boxes stashed on secret shelves and, between the two of us, they were checked on every night. The cycles turned in circles around us, spinning wheels like threads through woven tangles of dimensions as they vibrated reality into one, two, three sided space.

We missed a step and hiccuped the whole ordeal. I never, ever thought that you could let me down but set me out in space and watch me fall.

Now, pulled through the atmosphere I’m getting hotter and the weight of my bones is giving in. The pressure of the air is breathing heavy in my tone-deaf ears. And I feel the inside collapsing like a crumpled ball of plastic wrap. Sticky stuck together and we’ll never get the old shapes back.

Of course, this was only built in through evolution, so who are we mourning?
The grass is green as it grows and brown as life tramples it down.

Naturally, my body circulates on spinning tops.
Naturally, I follow wherever you go.


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