The internet is a dream slayed.

The scorpion fatality on Mortal Combat
is forgiveable
if we are talking on a cosmic scale.

A set of left-handed scissors is
probably not as bad as it seemed last night

Dancing with someone
you feel sorry for
is cracked
as old linolieum.

Crying over lost love is why I need to get a bike light.

The worst feeling in the world
(is) damaged and useless.

Remorse in tradegy is how my babysitter bribed me.

“I got 99 problems and a bitch is-”
outdated and cliche.
The road not taken
is why I didn’t call back.

A simple life is all fun until someone shoots off a gun.
Busting a cap in yo’ face is destructive, in a phoenix sense.

A hurtful word is never expected again.

This hospital food is disappointing,
like lukewarm bath water.
A bland bloody mary is out of control.
Oral surgery is better
with ice cream on top.

Pulling the plug on someone
is my 2nd
favorite thing
to do on Halloween.

A dream worth remembering is the secret ingredient
(in gramma’s soup.)
What I gave up smoking for is not going to agree with my stomach.
The moonless is sky is like chopping…apples(?)

Failure to grasp a simple fact is like the funniest part of the movie!
–Keanu Reeves is not what I intended at all.
The stain on his sweater is reflected Glory.

The space between delays
is sexier
without the build-up.

The lie you didn’t believe is the spread of oil over a surface.

The scientific method is deliciously evil.
Probability is simply divine.
Democracy is a rude party guest.
A non-fiction writer is only god on a Sunday.

The treasure in the chest is worse
than gum found under the table.
The second part of this sentence
is simply
not worth it.

The precipice off of which we fall is uncomfortably close–
The eye of the hawk is an altered state of being.


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