Goodbye in sorts and forms

Five hours brings me home, then departs me from this space.

Funny how as I walk these old streets littered and peppered with the new, I feel safe. Safer than when I felt subsumed by them, collided with them, a piece and part of them. Outsider by nature, by heart, by soul and fire — I suppose. I can only love the things that I breed distance in-between.

Paces like steps lead me from one place to another. Investment of different sorts is what I’m looking for. Others with mild smiles and calming effects have the same understanding.

Sometimes, I just want to be alone.
Still in the dark with non-verbal forms of emotion, of communication, of spiritual notions comfort and sustain me through these long silences. Through these slow formations. Through the night that I have always been better aligned with.

Now, again, we face the cycle.
A new turn of the wheel. A new twist of the ropes between us. A new age and a new day. A birth of one thing and the decy of another.

In a cafe with fellow breathing beings, the sun shone across my chest and face. Your words and my mind were clear enough to take an image of the experience to keep it warm for later use. Since I grew wiser over time, I’ve been collecting them. Holing up these minature moments in shrines inside my mind, in my heart, in my non-scientific non-thinking soul where colors and depth take on stories of their own.

In such a space, I am never alone.

In the grand scheme: we rotate one more time around the sun. Another cycle before something burns itself out. The impact we have from here on out is in how hard we can hit the brakes, how quickly we can brace, we much we can accept.

I accept the circle as it passes like glass and fog through my bones and blood.
The collective life impacts my own evolutionary path.
I will not evolve alone.
Nothing ever does.

To those who choose not to see, not to take in the coming change: oh hell, I’m sorry.
Open up your eyes into the sun light and know you are alive.


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