Collaborative Party Flash

An icy wind blew across the frozen lake at dusk. They forced an entrance to the building, breaking the locks and the glass, slipping noisily past the jagged frame. So then Nancy, with the nails and her poodle walking attitude, slams the door rattling the windows. Running through the field found only flowers in the mud — watching the rain. He followed the switchbacks to the top of the ridge, looked over the valley, and saw the sun.

Nevertheless, Sink – the newcomer – came out of the woodwork with a concealed pistol. The glass crunched underfoot, threatening to slice through thin canvas shoes. Until the lights came back on everyone held fast to their glasses, being careful not to move, afraid of jostling anyone standing too close.

The weight of gravity hung like a steel mantle, but at least my beard keeps me warm.

And they thought about what they were doing, but it really didn’t amount to much so they walked down to the ocean where the dolphins invited them to swim. There was no way out but to fake it, so Sink kicked up some proverbial dust and decided to really go for it.

The crowd stood frozen in shock.

Sure enough — the vomit comet crashed to a halt and we staggered around unclear as to what had happened. I realized there was glitter everywhere, sighed and brushed it off. Such is life.

Written blind, sentence by sentence, by 5 different writers.


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