A blank sheet/screen is a fairly obvious thing

[A cool, calm, collected person is the hungrier of two dogs]
[The sunset on the winter solstice is like a clipping speaker]
[A beat or measure is a slow and steady death]

Ravenous hunger is all sorted out now.
A pen without ink isn’t where I’ve found odd things.
The icy wind is past tense…

Writing is like one hand clapping — pretty contrived.
Butterflies in my stomach aren’t a high lonesome plain.
A writer of fiction isn’t online gaming.
Only one is looking pretty good right now.

Your lazy confidence isn’t worm casings!
A tiara is only a dream.
Peanut butter + chocolate is riddled with guilt and doubt.
Deliberation is the scent of bread.
Tomorrow is realizing you’re okay alone.

The mountain pass is too lazy.
Sugar isn’t all our teachers and mentors promised.
Crying into your cups isn’t obvious…

The penny on the ground
is freaking out.
The best food is the peace pipe.
A loose rope is what smiling is for.

Your smile is all spent on vagrant thought.

The cloudy stars weren’t scientific, like totally experiential!
Losing focus…
Waking to red sky,
the place where the river bends wide
is worth staying in for.

The mush of your bed is sorely missed.
The heart isn’t as bad as you were warned.
Courage is tightie whities.

Being afraid is feathered.
Laughing about it is singing in French.
The darkness just before the dawn is when you can’t get enough.

Spoils are wildly wonderful.
Waiting for love isn’t breaking up over nothing.
Dancing isn’t hard to come by.
Coming to the party late is going down fast.

The day we all — as in humans — fail is silky.

The buildings you drew are cunning, but obviously fake.
Being banned in Boston is laying in the mud.
Having zero inhibitions isn’t falling into a well.

Monday night on the bus wasn’t forcing a way through.
A dull pair of scissors is hard to get going,
like green wood.

Your eyes are waiting for the rain.
The whisper at the end of the day
isn’t cut in half–


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