This story gets boring, pretty fast. I’m trying to convey import and weight to you, but you have no tether, have never felt gravity pulling you apart. So, in my boring little contrived vinettes, I am alone.

Here is an image of the future. Here are peoples and places and things that could — should we keep going this route — go wrong. All wrong.

But the narrative is thin, you say. And the pronouns are minced, and in that narrative I’m coming unglued. Going all transparent and see through.

I’ve got limbs and convictions and I’m a big dreamer who never remembers waking up screaming from nightmares. But I’m told. Told everything from how to be to how to get free. From how to live to how to die. To how to just get by.

I lied. I said I’d try, try to follow the rules and do it their way.
They. Whoever that amounts to. In school days etched into desktops, scratched into the metal tubing of shitty metal chairs, we all thought we knew. We’d point fingers and make fun and talk big story about whoever was pulling the strings wrapped, very clean and efficiently, like nooses around all of us. But boys and girls are tied up separate. Guys and girls. Men and girls.

I never had a complex.

Bending or breaking rules seems to have gotten me through. Now, I’m a mess on the other side, and mostly still alone. But wasn’t I already.

It’s not a question, but from the repetition of consistant images — you should already know this.

I expect a lot.
Keep rosters and notecards and outlines, and you’ll see how difficult the experience really gets.
If only you knew the conflagration of all the images, you’d never get bored. But high expectations equal drudgery anyway. So, it’s a long shot — at best.

At best, you’re still reading.
Have I bored you yet?
Just wait, I’ve still got years worth of material to put you through. We aren’t even close. I could name the number of chapters and separations and breaks you’ll get, but that’d only make it easier, too easy. And, that’s not what we’re here for.

Tuck in and give it a chance.
There’s already far too much to digest.
Godspeed and good luck and whatever gets you through the short cold days.

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