Oh, Litio

Miniscule steps in the right direction, but “right” here is getting harder and harder to define.

Definiitions seem only to be slipping away from you, officiate. Sliding past the mind like oiled skin you’re still trying to get a grip on.

“Get a grip,” you keep telling yourself everytime you wake up alternately screaming and whimpering into the night. A darkness, a vacuum is closing in cold and hollow around you. Like space, you’ll freeze to death before you ever get the chance to explode.

Regardless, every morning you still get up, put your work clothes on, follow all the guidlines — but for appearences only. How deep does that fear of getting caught up, trapped up roped up really go? How constant does the blood of resistance really flow?

Make the grade, make good marks, make the sell and they’ll claim to pay you extra — every time. WHen the paychecks don’t come through, you still wonder why. But if they did, would you feel any different? Any better about this situation? About yourself?

You’ve got to wonder what guage is being employed here to rate a person son a scale of social, physical, mental and emotioal health and well-being. Maybe if you questioned it, just once, you’d see the black magik tricks being played, daily, against you.

Because once you know how the rule works, the illusion no longer does.

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