Premature Sensation of Initial Closure

The story of Akailum is through. Thirty years passed over a course of a single night. Children were born and raised and sent off into tunnels and a darkness that Skai will, in the further future, find abandoned and closed up. A single runic pattern will unlock the secrets of the past.

The list of names with definite closure continues to grow.
Silver. Lithium. Vioreta. Akai and Carbon/Kopia. Kadense and Kaizoku. Cap, Adder, Parallel, and Faulter. Assisi-Sha/Gayaba.

Wanderer has, naturally, wandered off. There’s still a lot of opportunity there. A replacement eye in a blackmarket bakcstreet style scenario could leave those pretty half-TERM eyes scarred for the remainder of a scientifically lengthened lifetime. Scars like that resonate so loud into the future that a later one wandering through may find the mistakes once made and make a better choice, taking the name of the pains felt before the scars had been set to take back and snatch the spirit of life away from the fire of complete annihilation.

Seriyoku and Sekilito have become vapor and mist, fog and cloud over the pilfered moon in the middle of the earthen night. How much of what the Canto-Yokai do from here can be attributed backward to these two? Fate alone will only ever know.

Cicada and Nightshade and Korvidae are out in the wild, yet to be discovered, controlled, elluded to, beaten in and battered for places and things and ways they were and/or never were. A darkened time is coming, but these TERMStarers might have more clout and practice than your average programmed humanibot — as some of us outside the lines drawn not-so-lovingly call those within.

The roots of the Pro have been ground up and left to be found by predecessors and successors and deceivers, all alike.

Who will take the reigns of playing all sides since Lithograph is, clearly, gone?
Who will dance the finest of fine lines to play both dark and light?
Who can dance between and even manage to, for a moment, stay above that water line?

Aster, organizer in a chaotic world, will take the name Vale and begin a descent of sorts. But will it take them far enough down into the dark? Perilune could break free or break entirely.

And in the periphery of all these tales and histories are the edges that a pen is still filling in. Like how Charcoal fell in love with both Gravity and Akai. Like how Lithium changed the course of Starburn. Like how Kopia and Seriyoku finally came to terms and love, after so many goddamn years. Like how Kiriel fucks the whole picture. Like how Analisar lays a hand on Gayaba in the end. Like how Kadense and Kaizoku lay down, one last time, together somewhere out in the remotest parts of the desert. Like how Faulter finally lays the past to rest in the garden of Polaris’ Earth Rehab Complex. Like how and why the words and tongues of Ciclakumei have gone cold and silent until Fenugreek recovers all the past — and where the past was laid to rest to be protected.

So much comes now. So, this is the after-life.
I am only just beginning to see.

Ten thousand more words, fifteen or twenty-nine, and you might see too.


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