Stress is probably not as bas as it seemed…

Trains in the mountains are pure gold.
A hand is like glue, sticky and slightly inneffective.

Strumming heart strings
is measles.
Feelings are only a slight annoyance.
Music is kind of scary.
Your foot is from Mars.
Pluto isn't even worth a shot.
The tree is relentless!

Everything isn't that great,
Hope is like mirrors.

Pleasure is coloring on the walls, creating a safe space
is from April 3rd, 1924.

This open mic is being alone.
Deep thinking is violent.
The music is as gross as bad food:
"What's in my pocket isn't newness."
"Candle wax isn't violence; Courage is love."
"Party time is tasty."
"The heart is pretty great."
"Money isn't Phillip Glass' third cousin…"

Taking to animals isn't good enough now.

Listening is outdated, on a grand scale.
"Waste is wearing flannel."
"David is a wire hood."
"The day after Xmas is joy."
"The family sitting around the table is noteworthy…" Erhmm…

The best thing right now is dancing.
"A neutrino is my favorite thing right now."
"Meat pie is coming home."

Coming home can bring us back up.
Apples is the best we've got.

Platitude is realizing it was a dream.
The truth about love isn't spirit. Spirit is crashing into the wind.

"What no-one knows is gunna fly just fine."

Technology is clinically diagnosed insanity.
Old age comes by once a year.
"Pharmaceuticals = Hope for tomorrow."
A fool is the most over-rated.
Liquid aminos are gullible and cheap.

The past is empty.
Our future is racist.
A true loss is useful, like having a plan.
Good company is not.

Infinity isn't a handstand.
–The Apocolypse is collasping in on us.


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