Life and/or Death

Pain and consciousness are bullshit principles we’ve crafted, steeped long in fear and hate to make ourselves seem better, more important than we really are. What is import but the amount of emotional gravity an individual can ascertain? And, in the end, isn’t our material mass worth more than all that tripe emotional manipulation?

This body is on a slow road toward decay to feed the systems I was built entirely on.
And when I exhale now, I feed a forest with the wake.

But, all this semi-spirituality only perpetuates itself on and on into a broken system where I can’t see life breed at all. An immobile static system that aims only to reach zero kelvin and then cease to exist at all. An eternity of nothing, no motion, no change, and no growth or death.

Please. Correct me if I’m wrong.
But I think these ideologies are destroying the whole world.
And to finish the transformation, we pump our bodies full of chemicals to keep the rotting far at bay. To fill the ground with pieces of concrete that keep the rest of life at bay.
So, in utter darkness, stale and useless, we will never fall away.

Don’t preserve me when I die.
I want to be devoured entirely by life.
And through my rotted veins and broken bones, the circle can spin on.

We have no choice in this but try desperately to escape it.
What a waste of effort and effect.
We might as well cut off our own heads with these cancered hands.

We might as well burn out our sun so we can pray to our god of nothing at all.


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