Strength tracking, tracing after you

These words are just small insignificant letters, like messages in bottles. Rolled up and tossed hazardly at the sea. The ocean waves rise and crash against me, but I know the only thing to do is give yourself up to powers greater than you. Things you can’t control or push around. Things like wind and water, fire and light.

I bow because these, naturally, control me.
I bend because these comprise the better side, the actual angles and motions and vibrations of me. And without them, I am but shape and concepts that do not exist. Without them, I am but a collection of perceived notions like drops lost inside the ocean.

Soon, too, I will return entirely to them.
For now, though, I am physical and material. For now, I have this body that breaks when pushed too hard. Cracks and snaps when forced too long. Dries up and withers when under sun and heat and hate too long.

I know I ought to move further down this road.
Up ahead, there’s a bend that’s sure to turn me back around.
A blinding light is sure enough to strike.

For now, though, I’m just dancing and biding my time.
Sure enough, one day I’ll let this go. But don’t shake me up too soon.
Right now, I think I’m doing fine.


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