Phase One

Blood bleeds black when trapped to the surface, brown under baking sun. In a summer heat transition, can you actually expect anything to last that long?

I’ll be mean and harsh and vicious violent if you let the timer keep on ticking, the alarm just go on sounding, the end just drag its ending.

My pulse is bludgeoning my heart underneath the pressure of your fingertips pressed white and flat against my skin. There’s no chance anything is getting out or in.

Break the lines to break the bones of a structure I supposed we both already know.

End too soon and there’s loads of meaning and imagery you’ll never know. Go on too long and you lose the moment magical that made it all worth the while holding on.

Another lover and another body to feel pressed hard and hot against my skin.
I’ll burn through them all looking for the evidences of a light I know exists.


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