Alight. in the dark

This is what happens when my world starts coming unglued:

Of all the complications life could have wrought upon me, it is always the ones I never foresaw that cut the deepest and stick to me the longest.

An uneven equation. That’s how I feel these days. Out of whack, sync, time, energy — you name it, I am seemingly low on it.

Point is this: we aren’t exactly considering the reality or the alternatives, thereof. We haven’t breached the things we may or may not be terrified of. And why, exactly? Because, I’m quite sure, we’ll get laughed at or shouted down if we try. There is no avenue of alleviation in our brains.

A coping mechanism that breaks things, skin or otherwise, is probably not a positive one.

You want somewhere safe to run, but in this world, in this era of humanity — there’s nowhere safe at all. Better get used to feeling at home in the filth and the trash because that’s all that’s actually left.

I keep expecting this debilitating loneliness to set in, but it just hasn’t yet…

I wish I could do something about all of the people fading to grey before my eyes. People who used to be vibrant and full are becoming shells, wholly consumed by all of these idiotic convenicences we’ve created.

A person will only ever want to change when they decide for themself that they are unhappy. Those who never do simply don’t miss the things they’ve lost enough.

The future isn’t bright or dim at this point. It’s just impassable.
The general sense is that we are going to burn out.

To attempt to master the playdown between the system and the resistance is to destroy the self.


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