Return, Day 7

Onaji: same, similar
Vida: life
Yokai: anything super-natural, spiritual, other-worldly

I leave the small city where I have spent another night to avoid the yokai of that far-away house.

This time I take with me the onaji vida to keep me company. I think we will be good for one another.

There is a sbutle understanding between us that the city lends no access to. Along the streets the paved walkways, I have to make appearences. I carry plastic in my pocket so I can palm your shit. You want to engage in the world, but you have to be on this short rope tied to me. Lam’nasai. I am sorry.

But in the woods and a bit of space, we can be more free together. The relationship between my kind and yours comes out stronger, starker, bolder. I do not own you. I do not own the land or the water or the air.
Despite what my comrads have come to think.

We only use threats and violence to contain the world. But how much we would learn if we tried, just for a moment, to loose our grip and let it go. I think, probably, the yokai and vida would love us, move through us, pass into us moreso if we did.

But we, like the things we try so desperately to control, are all tied on ropes to ourselves. Pinned down by threats we issue to our own hearts and minds and spirits. Drowning in the systems we have established, that at some point some individuals thought were good.

It’s time to re-examine, my old friends.
It’s time to be friends with vida y yokai again.
If we can stand it.

For now, the onaji y mey go out into what is somewhat less rule-based than these narrow walks and confined lines. We spend the night there. We will see what comes to us.


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