Day Four.

An intense and stark contrast. It was impossible not to see, to feel, to walk through and wish — in some way — that I could mitigate.

War, we all realize, is fucked on all side.
You shoot a child because they may be one who was saddled with the task of blowing you up. Do they know? Do you? Does anyone?

We drop nuclear bombs on uninvolved people across the world from us to clear political and social lines we cannot find a peaceful way to get at.

But the ends is the means, every time.

A woman will not menstrate without the moon.
A human will not grow without this gravitational pull.
An Earthen needs to minerals that made the crust of edge we walk upon, the salt of water and rock that covers this spherical wonder.

It is unique and we are shitting on it.
Does a dog deserve to die for our heart corrections?
Laws we are trying to pass to make us less fucked up, more fucked up, unrecognizable.

In your generation, kodomo, it will be robotics and space that evolve together.
Do we think we can out-evolve that line?

I am beginning to doubt.
I hear it everywhere.

The lines fall apart when we look to deep and god was a social construct we used to hold the world aloft.
It, like plastic sand, is slipping through our greedy hands.
Midori Avore, you make me feel safe as you bloom in the Spring, regardless of our shit.
Madeiras Vida, do not leave us.

Some of us still seek with eyes like owls through this shitstorm of a night.
There will always be the remnant, the outlier, the resister, the one to stand against.
We are small, but the wind will not die out.

Or are we beginning to doubt?


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