A game to be played [in last or first moments]

You will need an explanation for the following lines.

The way this goes is you take little pieces of paper. Now, write a “Q” in one corner. Flip each bit of paper over, write an “A” in a corner. Flip it back over and split up all the little pieces of paper among at least two persons.

Everybody takes the little stack of papers and fills in the “Q” side with a question. Any question. Whatever comes to mind.

Then, you gather up all the little bits of paper and hand yours to somebody else. That person, without looking, fills in the “A” side with an answer. Anything. Whatever feels right in the moment.

Then, you shuffle all the little bits up and read them, question first and then answer.

We played this game. The following is what came out:

Where did we go wrong?
Portugal, the country

What do you do to get the square root?
Fuck it.

Who was the first to Love?
A very useless and pretentious request, I think.

Can you tie knots with your tonuge?
I’ll say “no”, but with the allowance of modifiers later on.

Who (or what) caused the destruction of Earth?

What will break your concentration?
A tragically misplaced snark.

What will save your dreams from fading?
Social inequality. Oh, and guilt.

What is the most nourishing food?
Your worst fear

What is the most amazing place?
A cold and bitter night spent in longing and complete regret.

What is the most beautiful noise?
Somtimes. Always. No, I have no idea what you mean.

Where did it go?
The distant fences, keeping us from us

Where di it come from?
Where the sun meets the sea

What languages can you speak?
The other side of the dream

Symbolism: yes or no?
No, it’s spoiled

You know what really grinds my gears?
Implications no-one can get around

Can you repeat the question?
I forgot

How does the answer still apply?
I can’t remember

Where is this line ending?
Tomorrow, maybe.


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