A Project for Myself

In order to create more diverse characters and situations, I have a sense that I need to return to the daily writing project. This will not only increase my creative vernacular, but it will likewise increase my real-time awareness.

If I don’t play these tricks on myself from time to time, I have a tendency to sink into this unthinking rut. We all do. It’s completely natural to the thread we, as the Earthen, have followed thus far. How does the line go? Cain killed Able?

You bet we are that sick.
No wonder we can’t help but become lazy, useless and miss the mark.
I never even learned to aim. Well, fuck me.

In these later years of hair slowing going white, silver – I am learning how to revive myself. This project should help in a very basic sense. I hope to learn more about how to survive, too. Funny that I never learned. Not really. But I have this friend who should teach me. I want them to teach me more – but don’t get greedy.

Oh, that’s in me too. Did you know?

We’re getting off track here. Writing. This project. A clear delineation:

1) One work a day featuring one central subject.
2) Write for a total of 30 minutes: no less, no more.
3) Post the pieces on the blog each day to function as a log.
4) After a week, review the pieces and create a cross-over piece, writing for one hour.

Let’s see how well I can stick to the things I demand of myself.Let’s see if there is any Able left in me, or if I’m all rotten – through and through.


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