Day 3: Arrival West

Two organic farmers along that stopless stretch in Montana remind us where we are actually headed here. One suggests internships over short-term volunteering. We get a website and cards. Both will disappear in the night while we are asleep. But the moments stick to us like honey to fingers.

One long night into Washington, and I’m getting sick again. Fire in the back of my throat and these terribly coughing fits every few minutes. So is everyone else, too. Ears all stopped up, but it does dull the ambient noise of other’s fits. In the circulated air here, you have no hope but an iron immunity to stay well. My health is less than questionable these days.

I have to get my biking legs back. Yes, and my boxing arms. A fully functional body that does far more than sit on couches and in car seats designed for maximum laziness.

In running from myself, I ran straight into a wreckage.
This new place is the beginning of much more than just another new location.
We may find ourselves good friends. Maybe more. Maybe less. I’ve never delved those depths before now. I may not be an expert diver. In fact, I have references quite the opposite. But, in years before now, in discovering this side of me – I think I’ve been subtly trying.

Here’s to a genuine attempt to be what I intend to be. Bruises, failures, cuts bleeding and all. Possibly some successes. If nothing else, the feeling of having tried after last years decimation. Did I know how deep those scars ran?

I do now. I’m letting them go.
We passed through Chicago and I hardly bled at all.

Now it’s time to see how accurate the statement is that on the opposite side of pleasure, there too is pain. Just of a different quality. I think, eventually, we call it sorrow, longing, loss. Everything ends, they say. And time proves “them” right.

So here we are. Another time, another place.
What does the sunset bring?
Another rainy night.
And in the morning – we bike.

Hello again, Pacific Northwest.
Your trees and mountain cascades are beautiful. You will let us down again, but we are fortified this time. So, let’s go.


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