Day 2: Into frozen land

The skinny trees of Virginia slowly became the skyscrapers of Chicago, almost without notice.

There, bretzels and a conversation with someone who equally feels the weight of all this trash. In a different way, but the same. Ah, we are all in this together. Whether we like it or not.
We would have bought them a ticket, but we couldn’t figure out how. We might be terrible people, but most of it is a failure to conceive. I have to keep this in mind when dealing with anyone. We are the same thing.

The train that takes us West for real has all the nice things. The view car and tables you can bring your own food to. Places to walk like down sets of stairs. You feel like things are changing for you, even if you are still in the same place. And yet, every second – a new place.

Out all of these tall windows, I can see a frozen land covered in white. It stretches on without cease and seemingly without purpose. Little clusters of houses exist, but what do their inhabitants do? Fuck if I know. I am still too busy being shocked that it is so cold out there. Who knew that the northern pieces of land were still so frozen over? I suppose those who live in the clusters of houses.

Perhaps, they are waiting out the winter here still.
Strange when it has melted so everywhere else I have been.
In Seattle, it’ll be the rain – no doubt. Perhaps some ice and frost. Most likely, we’ll be wet.

At 5 am it still feels like yesterday, though my stomach is alerting me that it is a new one and I haven’t eaten yet. Quiet, you. At 6 the cafe opens and I can get hot water for a mug of tea that we brought with us. Mug and all. We travel well, but not necessarily “light” this time.

Next time, we’ll be on the bikes that are under our feet as we speed away at 80 miles per hour.

The moon was full and rose like a sun over the stretching flat landscape before we hit all this snow. In a few hours, it’ll be light again. I’ll be awake to watch the sun come up, just passing the time so Ori can have two seats to sleep on instead of one.

We make these trade offs. I sleep early, you stay up late. I think we are finding a new balance we were afraid of before. Someone who knows all the rules might call this an “open” arrangement. I think I’ll avoid the terms, confuse everyone, and call it natural.

Naturally, we are changing.
Like the landscape as we go.
What will we do our first day?
Eat crumpets, I’d imagine.


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