Destination: Beautiful

You said last night over blaring tones and drowning beats that this has always been a journey for you. A soundtrack to the motion of a life.

And here we are in the morning with you as a part of it.

Tracks that others laid years ago, still running deep and long across sand and rock will take us away from here. We will look back in mind, but never intent. We will go where it is beautiful. And, in our heart will be your song.

“Every now and again sometimes, I get caught on the wings of a dream.
The air gets clear and the sea gets wide and I can do anything.The pain – it won’t even cross my mind.
There’s wonder in everything.
The ropes get loose and the chains unbind, and I can do anything.
It’s enough for us to get it started.”

Thank you, Mae. For everything.
It was worth the wait.


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