Welcome to the future.

So, the life of the Earthen is not quite done. We may have lost control of our legs, but they are still moving in and out, reaching for something we cannot see or describe. Death, perhaps. But for now, we keep on in our crumbling, failing, fading mannerisms.

How many hours, days does it take the assmebly beetle, the butterfly, the spider, the fly, all umoshi vida to finally go to sleep? How many years, each of us? How many generations will we see slowly kicking, reaching, stretching to an impossible and non-existent goal? How many lifetimes will pass in our slow degrade?

This is completely normal. Natural. The way it goes.

Did you not realise, Earthens, that we are the final ones? Did you not see how your children are only yet anther aspect, another step in our death throws? Did you not yet catch a glimpse of it?

We will take a long time in coming to it.
Like all vida.

I wonder. Is there some greater life, some bigger form, some more expansive organism, some higher view that is watching as we go? Is there some canto-mushi to see us as we fade?

How interesting our desperation must appear.


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