Journeying, Talking

In the future, months go by in an hour. Here, the sun goes down in 9.
We are waiting for something, but we aren’t sure what.

In Greensboro, we are drinking coffee that tastes like fruit. A modernization of a thing Westerners like us used to shun. Now, we drink.Cheers to our progress. Cheers to ourselves.

In the middle of nowhere, we are sitting and thinking.
In the fading darkness, we are dreaming and hoping.
In the end, we will be leaving.

A star in a lantern is slowly fading, fading, fading.When the sun returns, it will have blown out.
When Spring sets in, it will be a black hole.
We will look into it and see gravity condense around us.
A single singularity we will be, going out into the world.

Single-minded and together.

There is this story I am telling.
There is this picture you are painting.
This is this song we are trying, trying, trying to keep singing.

Is this the end of the world?
When was it not?

Happy sunrise, 2013.
You are a shock to those who had hoped for escape.
To some, you are the best new thing.
To us, you are just the next thing.

One more day is one more year in this story we are walking through.
Will you walk with us?
The deer and the crows and the jays and the cardinals are.

The hawk is fallen, but returned to the world.
All is well.
Earthens are growing cold, old, stale, removed.
Distanced from the sky, distanced from the heart.
The spirit is haunting itself in this night.
Oh bem ikedo.

Tomorrow, we grow strong.Tomorrow, we go wrong.
Tomorrow, we come home.

Tomorrow, on and on.


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