Every day, a little more.

Almost any move we make begins to feel this weight, this growing insanity. We might be soon to out-grow ourselves.

We go to the free donation drop-off sight today. You know, the place you put all this shit you don’t want and some second-hand place sells it for money, claiming no profit? On the box is posted this sign:
Boxes are being watched for theft.

Wait, theft? What exactly could I be stealing? From the place that claims to not be making profit?From the person who willfully gave it away for free? From the person who is going to pay for it later?

There is a pretty obvious problem here. I wouldn’t this shit “stolen” if someone asked me to take it away. I wouldn’t be remotely angry if someone offered to drop it by the donation center, then decided they wanted to keep it instead. So, why exactly do I give a shit if you take it from some random box?

Oh right, I don’t. So, it follows logically to me that I need not put my things in that theft-free box, then. You can just take it. Enjoy. I don’t need it.


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