Onward anyway

Thoughts – coalescing, falling apart. One word before another forms a sentence, then you’re off to a pretty good start. But, erase that and never look back – and where will you be? Nowhere but back at the start. Rethink the old things and you’ve gotten nowhere at all.

Revision, revisit, revise. Redo and reuse and cycle back through.
One word, one thought, one string of babble that amounts to nothing at all.

Is this what the myths are made of? A hodge-podge of cobbled together garbage from our collective head?

So, someone thinks that I should read about base religion because it might lead me back.
Or it might lead me further down this road I came all on my own.

But never alone.
Always some saint, some mentor, some voice before mine echoing. Always some seer, some sayer, some teacher ready to correct and instruct me. Always some new angle, some new web some new spider has created for me to observe. Always some new piece of some old thing I thought I fully knew.

And yet, for all this, we go round and round the merry-go-round with these insults pasted to our faces like paper mash masks made of yesterday’s recycled news.

Are the images making sense?
Did they ever?


But we remake them and rework them and rehash them all the same.
I’m beginning to feel like I’m going insane, but it’s just the cultural schizophrenia setting in. No worries, we’ve got a pill, a liquid, a chewable tablet for that. 500 mg taken twice dailing, cut in half in a pill cutter from Wal-Mart that was made in China that you don’t exactly care for.

Better get the one made in some other various shape that you’ll hate for some other various reason and find no recourse to – but to buy another one.

This might be a fever rant. But, if it is – where is the fever?
Am I about to pass out.

I am not exactly feeling g–


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