Urban Underground is done.

You can find it at the Book Patch, for now.
The Book Patch is run by Wilshire Press and they are rad enough to print books for self-published authors at reasonable prices. You can buy a copy at their bookstore.

The e-reader version is still in formatting. It should be on its way soon, though I’m not making any explicit promises about when because – well, we know those always fall through.

Because Urban was really done back in January, wasn’t it?
Right. Anyway.

I’m on to the next project. The working title is Polaris: Earthborn.
I don’t plan on beginning the text-work until I have a solid plan, but the plot is I’d say three-forths of the way thought-through. So, it’s well on it’s way.

Soon, you’ll be hearing snarky little comments about Fenugreek, Skai, Wander.
Letters may be written to any of the above, as I formulate a life in which these fit where once Asher, Brandon, Venice filled the void.

It’s complicated, almost like breaking up or having to stand by as someone well loved dies before your eyes. And yet, life always passes to death and death always revives new life.

Just as Brandon once said to me – I will always find someone new.
And he was right.

Fenugreek proved that, already, to be true.

Also, to those coming from Context in Motion: welcome.


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