Time to turn

Today, I am certain I saw a white crow.

I thought I had seen it a few days about, but the time must not have been right. I must have been missing something. The wind wasn’t just right or something was out of place or I just wasn’t ready yet. I convinced myself it wasn’t a crow but a turn or a gull or some other kind of bird.

Despite the fact that the black crows were descending on it. Birds do that sometimes. Who knows…

But today, as I rode up on my bicycle to the job where my spouse has worked the entire time we’ve lived in this city, I knew for certain. There, amongst its fellows, sat the white crow cawing on a rooftop that was the same faded grey that it was. A hint, just a touch of the black of the others.

I watched it fly about the roof for a bit until I decided to go inside.
As I did, I thought to myself: what sort of image is this? What sort of harbinger is a white crow? The opposite warning? The other side? The piece of the picture I hadn’t seen?

My partner is leaving his job in a week. We are leaving this city in four months.
I have been waiting for something for me to break. Waiting for time to turn. Waiting for a sign.

Today, I recognized the white crow. The moment where it all turns around for you. The moment when you finally understand:

Not every crow is black.
Not every path is set.
Not every choice is made.

There is still so much to see, to learn, to understand, to come face to face with.
Now is the turning point. There, on that rooftop is the white crow.

Just when I knew what I wanted to say, the violent wind blew the wires away.
Some thing’s are pure and some things are right,
but the kids are still standing with their arms folded tight.

Stood outside in the month of May and watched the violent wind blow the wires away.

If I die in the month of May, let the wind take my body away.
Wish I may, wish I might, don’t leave me down there with my arms folded tight.
Start again in the month of May.

Come on and blow the wires away.

The white crow, the harbinger of change, is in the air.
Time to recognize that the violent wind is already blowing all around us.
And it’s time to blow the wires away.


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